Manuscripta Orientalia. International Journal for Oriental Manuscript Research. Vol. 29 No. 1 2023



A. Moiseeva. Anīs al-Murīdīn wa Shams al-Majālis: Some Notes Concerning Recensions of the Text — 3



P. G. Borbone, A. Mikheeva. Two Nestorian Gravestones in the Institute of History and Archaeology of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan, Ashgabat. With an Appendix on the Kayraks of Almaliq — 11



V. Shorokhov, S. Krasutsky. Document in Turkic with Shāh ‘Abbās II Conclusion Towards Selling Saltpetre to Russia (Near April, 29 1647) — 32



H. M. Al–Naboodah. The Rise and Fall of the Early Imamate in Oman (132—280 / 750—892) — 35



A. Kudriavtceva. Bībī Hājar, Izmām and Zamzam: Myth and Ritual Among Qashqadarya Arabs — 49



I. Alimov.  The Mobility of Chinese Officials. IV: Hong Hao and Song mo ji wen — 58



G. Tola.  A Journey to the East and Back to the West: Textual Research Paths of the Bertuccioli Collection — 61



E. Rezvan. Russian Poet and Harari Booklore. I — 68



I. Stasevich, V. Prischepova. K. K. Yudakhin Photographic Collections of Traditional Kyrgyz Culture in St. Petersburg Kunstkamera — 76



E. Rezvan. Russian Window East: Museum Research and Exhibition Projects (1996—2023) — 86





M. Suvorov. Mikhail Anatolyevich Rodionov (1946—2022) — 99




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Dr. Igor A. Alimov — Head of the Department of East and Southwest Asia of the Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkamera), Russian Academy of Sciences (St. Petersburg). Specialist in Far Eastern ethno‑cultural texts. Author of the series of monographs in the field.

Prof. Dr. Pier Giorgio Borbone teaches Syriac and Hebrew at the University of Pisa. His research focuses on various aspects of the history, language and culture of the Syriac Churches: codicology, epigraphy, relations with Central Asia and China, Syrians in Europe in the Renaissance.

Stanislav A. Krasutsky — second-year master's student, Department for Theory and Methods of Training in Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa of the Faculty of Asian and African Studies, St. Petersburg State University.

Dr. Anna Yu. Kudriavtceva — senior researcher of the International Centre for Islamic Studies, Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkamera), Russian Academy of Sciences (St. Petersburg). Specialist in Qur’ānic and Islamic studies, the Qur’ān and pre-Islamic poetry, Muslim ritual.

Anna A. Mikheeva, archaeologist with a specialization in the study of Eastern Syriac Christianity in Central Asia, author of articles on the material and spiritual culture of Central Asian Christianity in the Early and Middle Ages, researcher at the Department of Archaeology of Central Asia and the Caucasus, Institute of the History of Material Culture (IIMK) RAS, Head of the Scientific Documentation Department of the Interregional Center for Archaeological Research.

Anna V. Moiseeva — researcher at the Oriental Department of the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg. Research interests: classical Persian literature, Islamic studies, Sufi literature, manuscript studies.

Prof. Dr. Hasan M Al-Naboodah, Dean of the United Arab Emirates University. Research interests: Arabic and Islamic History & civilization, history of the UAE and the Arab Gulf, specialist in the Ibā╨ī movement.

Dr. Valeria A. Prischepova — senior researcher of the Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkamera), Russian Academy of Sciences (St. Petersburg). Specialist in ethnography of Central Asia. Author of the series of works on the Museum collections on the region.

Prof. Dr. Efim A. Rezvan — Editor-in-Chief, Manuscripta Orientalia, International Journal for Oriental Manuscripts Research, Director, International Centre for Islamic Studies, Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkamera), Russian Academy of Sciences (St. Petersburg); Professor of UNESCO Chair in Comparative Studies of Spiritual Traditions, their Specific Cultures and Interreligious Dialogue, Russian Scientific Research Institute for Cultural and Natural Heritage named after D. Likhachev.

Dr. Vladimir A. Shorokhov — associate professor of the Department of Regional Studies of the Institute of Theology of St. Petersburg State University. Specialist in Russian relations with the Muslim East.

Dr. Inga V. Stasevich — Senior Research Fellow, Department of Central Asia, Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkamera) Russian Academy of Sciences. The main area of scientific interests is the ethnography of Central Asia's peoples, the study of traditional material and spiritual culture, the regional specifics of Central Asian Islam.

Prof. Dr. Mikhail N. Suvorov — Professor of Arabic language and literature, St. Petersburg State University. Specialist in Yemeni folk poetry and Yemeni modern literature.

Prof. Dr. Gabriele Tola is a researcher at the Italian Institute of Oriental Studies at the Sapienza University of Rome, specialising in Chinese studies, with a focus on lexicography, lexicology and missionary linguistics. He is the author of the monograph as well as numerous articles on the compilation of bilingual glossaries and linguistic materials by foreign missionaries and scholars in late Qing China, and on the mutual exchange between Chinese and Italian literature. He has also published on the subject of Chinese classifiers in late Qing China, Nanjing Mandarin as recorded by foreign missionaries and scholars in 19th-century China, and the first integral translation of Xu Guangqi's Pi wang.


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