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The mobility of Chinese Officials. I: Lan pei lu by Fan Cheng‑da


Abstract. This article concerns a travel journal Lan pei lu (“An Account with Reins in Hands”) written by a famous poet and civil servant Fan Cheng‑da (1126—1193). This text is an important evidence of the Old Chinese bureaucracy mobility of the 10th—13th centuries. Fan Cheng‑da wrote this journal while he travelled to Jurchen state Jin as a member of an ambassade. He registered many details about the current situation of the state, its morals and customs and the influence of Jurchen culture on the local people. This unique information makes Lan pei lu a very important historical and ethnographical source.


Keywords: China, Chinese bureaucracy, mobility, source studies, literary diaries, Lan pei lu, Fan Cheng‑da


DOI: 10.31250/1238-5018-2020-26-2-54-57




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