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Notes on Xiaoshuo: Zhang Shi's Novel Liu hong ji and Its Origin


Abstract. The present article is a part of a large ongoing research project titled “A Brief History of Chinese Xiaoshuo Prose of the 1st—13th Centuries”and is devoted to one of the popular Song chuanqi novels Liu hong ji (“流紅記”, “The Record of a Drifting Red Leaf”) by Zhang Shi (張實, 11th century), which is extant as part of the Liu Fu's collection (劉斧, ca. 1020? — after 1100) titled Qing suo gao yi (“青瑣高議”, “Lofty Judgements by the Palace Gate”), and to the material that the novel was based on.


Keywords: Old Chinese prose, Song chuanqi novel, Liu hong ji, Zhang Shi


Acknowledgments. The article was prepared as part of the research under the RFBR grant “The History of Chinese Narrative Prose: Stories of Supernatural of 10th—13th centuries” No. 18‑012‑00094.


DOI: 10.31250/1238-5018-2020-26-1-49-51




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