M. Dehqan


Independent researcher, Tehran, Iran

E‑mail: mustafadehqan@yahoo.com


V. Genç


Bitlis Eren University, Biltis, Turkey

E‑mail: vuralgenc@hotmail.com


New Evidence on Sharaf Khan's Killing


Abstract. In our previous essays“Reflections on Sharaf Khan's Autobiography” and “Why Was Sharaf Khan Killed?”, both published in Manuscripta Orientalia (2015), we rejected the traditional date of Sharaf Khan's death (1012/1603–4) and provided some important details on his life and career. We recently had come across the new unpublished Ottoman Turkish documents which had not been noticed before. These documents include some new material and details on Sharaf Khan which helps our readers get some new understanding of his killing, political life, and what happened to Bidlis principality at the time.


Keywords: Sharaf Khan,Sharaf-nama, Bidlis, Celalî, Kurdistan, Khalaf Bayg, Kurds, Ahmad Pasha, history of Kurdistan


DOI: 10.31250/1238-5018-2020-26-1-42-48




  • Dehqan, M. & Genç, V. (2015a), “Reflections on Sharaf Khan's autobiography”, Manuscripta Orientalia, vol. 21, No. 1, pp. 46—61.
  • Dehqan, M. & Genç, V. (2015b), “Why was Sharaf Khan killed?”, Manuscripta Orientalia, vol. 21, No. 2, pp. 13—19.


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