V. Drozdov

St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg, Russia

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Problem of the Authorship of Fakhr al-Din ‘Iraqi with Regard to the ‘Ushshaq-nama Poem Revisited

Abstract. The poem ‘Ushshaq‑nama by Fakhr al‑Din ‘Iraqi (610—688 / 1213—1289) is the first poetical writing on the subject of mystical love in Persian literature. ‘Iraqi's authorship of this work has never been questioned by researchers. However, the English orientalist J. Baldick in 1973 cast doubt on ‘Iraqi's authorship in regard to this poem. The article considers J. Baldick's arguments in detail and the conclusion is drawn that poem ‘Ushshaq‑nama was composed by Fakhr al‑Din ‘Iraqi. 

Keywords: Persian poetry; Sufi literature; Sufism; Persian writings on the theme of mystical love

DOI: 10.31250/1238-5018-2019-25-2-32-36


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