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Abstract.This article aims to study the manuscript of the Persian dictionary Sorme-ye Soleymani(“The Kohl of Soleyman”) from the collection of the library of St. Petersburg State University (MS.O 174), which is the only known manuscript containing the full text of dictionary. In other available manuscripts of this dictionary, the prologue and epilogue of the text are missing. The importance of this manuscript is inclusion of the date of the dictionary's composition as a chronogram in the epilogue. In addition to an analysis of the beginning and ending pages of the text, a critical edition of the prologue and epilogue of this manuscript is provided in the appendices.


Keywords:Persian manuscripts, Persian lexicography, Sorme-ye Soleymani, Awhadi Balyani, Oriental Faculty of St. Petersburg State University




Acknowledgements.For their kind support and helpful remarks during my visits to St. Petersburg and studying the manuscript, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Milana A. Azarkina (St. Petersburg State University), Dr. Olga M. Yastrebova (Russian National Library and St. Petersburg State University), and Ekaterina A. Bolashenkova (St. Petersburg State University). I am also grateful to Prof. Ali Ashraf Sadeghi (Academy of Persian Language and Literature, Tehran), Dr. Ahmad Reza Qaemmaqami (University of Tehran), Ali Safari Aq-Qal‘e (Written Heritage Research Institute, Tehran), and Mas‘ud Rastipour (Written Heritage Research Institute, Tehran) for their important comments and suggestions on my edition of the prologue and epilogue of the text. An earlier draft of this paper is read at the Oleg F. Akimushkin Memorial Conference held on 19 February 2018 at the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts of the Russian Academy of Sciences. My best thanks are addressed to Dr. Youli A. Ioannesyan (Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, St. Petersburg) for organising this conference and including my presentation in the programme.




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