M. Dehqan

Independent researcher, Karadj

E‑mail: mustafadehqan@yahoo.com

 Sachau 204: a Kurdish Garshuni Poem 

 Abstract. Contacts between Kurdish culture and that of the Syriac — whatever we take “Syriac” to mean in this context — have a long and tricky history, which for many fields is still far from sufficiently studied. All researchers, however, do agree that these contacts caused a more important Kurdo‑Syriac field in which a considerable number of manuscripts dating from about the 18th century onwards are written in Syriac characters adopted to suit the Kurdish language. This Kurdish language written in Syriac characters is called Kurdish Garshuni and the following brief note presents a hitherto overlooked manuscript of such a Garshuni material.

 Key words: Kurdish, Garshuni, Syriac, poetry, Kurdistan


  • Dehqan, M. & Mengozzi, A. (2014), “A Kurdish Garshuni poem by David of Barazne (19th century)”, Hugoye: Journal of Syriac Studies, vol. 17/1, pp. 53—79.
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