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    I. Alimov. Guang Yi Ji — a Mini-Encyclopaedia of the Supernatural — 3  
    M. Kravtsova. Rethinking Losses of Chinese Poetic Heritage: a Case of Former Han Fu Poetry — 10  
    A. Avrutina. Sheykh Galip's Mesnevî Hüsn ü Aşk (“Beauty and Love”): Sources and Brief Morphonological Description of the Text — 17  


  Freely accessible   I. Stasevich. Kazakh Women Wedding Headdress in the MAE RAS Collection — 20  
  Freely accessible   E. Teryukova, E. Zavidovskaya, O. Khizhniak. Academician V. M. Alekseev's Methods of Studying Chinese Popular Prints: Case of Collection from the State Museum of the History of Religions — 37  
    K. Ghereghlou. Muhammad Khan Shibani in Tus (915/1509) — 55  
    M. Dehqan. Sachau 204: a Kurdish Garshuni Poem — 68  



The Legacy of Malay Manuscripts. Anonymous (ed.) Kuala Lumpur: Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia, 2012. Illustrated, 277 pp.
by M. Haron — 71






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Dr. Igor A. Alimov — Head of the Department of East and Southwest Asia of the Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkamera), Russian Academy of Sciences, specialist in Far Eastern ethno-cultural texts, author of the series of monographs in the field.

 Dr. Apollinaria S. Avrutina — Associate Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies in Language and Literature, Associate Professor of the theory and methods of teaching languages and cultures of Asia and Africa, Saint Petersburg State University. Among the research interests there are Middle Eastern cultural and literature studies and Turkic linguistics.

 Mr. Mustafa Dehqan, M. A. — specialist in Kurdish manuscript studies and textual tradition. He earned a bachelor's degree in Historical Studies and a master's in Historical Linguistics from the University of Tehran. Author of the numerous articles in the field.

 Dr. Kioumars Ghereghlou —Faculty Member of the Centre for Iranian Studies, Columbia University; Assistant Editor of Encyclopaedia Iranica. His research interests include the history of early modern Iran (1500—1900) and Persian and Indo-Persian historiography.

 Dr. Muhammed Haron — PhD in International Relations, Associate Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Botswana; an Associate Researcher in “Study of Islam” at the University of Johannesburg, and an executive member of Centre for Contemporary Islam at the University of Cape Town. Author of many articles and monographs on South African Muslims in general and on Cape Muslim manuscripts in particular.

 Dr. Olga S. Khizhnyak — principle scientist of the State Museum of the History of Religion, specialist in the Buddhist Studies. Author of the series of articles in the field.

 Dr. Prof. Marina Ye. Kravtsova —specialist in history of pre-modern Chinese poetry, author of the series of monographs in the field. Department of philosophy and culture of Orient, Institute of Philosophy St. Petersburg State University, Russia.

 Dr. Inga V. Stasevich — Senior Assistant of the Department of Central Asia, Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnology (Kunstkamera) RAS. The author of series of publications dedicated to traditional and modern culture of the Turkic peoples of Central Asia, the gender aspects of the national costume, the religious system of the Kazakhs.

 Dr. Ekaterina A. Teryukova — Deputy-Director for Research Affairs of the State Museum of the History of Religion, Associated Professor at Philosophy of Religion and Study of Religion of the St. Petersburg State University, specialist in the History and Sociology of Religion. Author of the series of articles in the field.

 Dr. Ekaterina A. Zavidovskaya —Assistant Professor, National Tsing Hua University, Department of General Education, specialist in the Chinese Folk Religion Studies. Author of the series of articles and monographs in the field.


Notes to Contributors

Manuscripts must be written in English.

Manuscripts must be clearly typewritten with numbered pages, double linespacing and wide margins throughout. The title should be as brief and informative as possible. The institute at which the work has been done should be indicated at the head of each paper. Authors are requested to include their e mail address if one is available.


Manuscripts should be sent in duplicate to the Editor in Chief: Dr. Efim A. Rezvan, Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkamera), Russian Academy of Sciences, 3 Universitetskaya nab., 199034, St. Petersburg, Russia, e mail:


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