M. Dehqan

Independent researcher, Karadj

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V. Genç

Independent researcher, Istanbul

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Why Was Sharaf Khan Killed?

Abstract. In our previous essay “Reflections on Sharaf Khan's Autobiography”, we attempted to persuade the academic world to reject 1012/1603–04, the traditional date of Sharaf Khan's death [1]. We based this view on a number of unpublished Ottoman and Armenian documents according to which we guessed the date of the death of Sharaf Khan is sometime between 1007/1598–99 and early 1010/1601–02. It has also been proposed that the supposed death was possibly a murder. During the time that the article was in the press, however, we had come across the evidence which had not been noticed before and which is worth considering. There is further evidence of the death of Sharaf Khan as a topic where great caution needs to be exercised before firm conclusions can be drawn. On the other hand, the references to the death of Sharaf Khan in our essay are somewhat brief, and we gladly avail ourselves of this opportunity to give some new details. This essay falls into two sections, (i) some introductory notes on the death of Sharaf Khan, and (ii) the transcription and English translation of some new documents on his death, which appear as a postscript to our previous essay.

Key words: Sharaf Khan, Sharaf-nama, Kurdistan, death, history of Kurdistan, Kurds


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