E. Rezvan

St. Petersburg Kunstkamera On‑Line Catalogues. II. “The Photo Collection: Peoples of Russia

Key words: Saint-Petersburg Kunstkamera, MAE RAS, peoples of Russia, the photographic collections, Turkestan Album, Samuel Dudin, Vasiliĭ (William Carrick), F. Hordet, Lev Sternberg, Stepan Maĭnagashev, Alexander Samoĭlovich, Sergeĭ Shirokogorov, Nadejda Dyrenkova, Sergeĭ Ol'denburg

Abstract: Over the past fewyears, St. Petersburg Kunstkamera has a programof digitizingits photographic collectionsandprovidingon‑lineaccess to them. It was started by the project “Photo depository of MAE RAS with Internet directory” which was realized in 2009. Now the significant part of the collection — nearly fifty-four thousand images — is uploaded for free access on the website in the frameworks of the specifically designed search engine. The article contains a brief overview of the most of the part of this collection connected with the ethnography of the peoples of Russia.


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