Val. V. Polosin

European Landscape on a Persian Miniature: A Replica or a Remake? (R. Savery, M. and E. Sadeler, ‘Ali Quli b. Muhammad and L. Т. Giuzal'ian)

Key words: Marco Sadeler, Egidius Sadeler, Roelandt Savery, L.T. Guzalyan, Ali-Kuli b. Muhammad, the State Hermitage Museum, Muslim manuscripts and miniatures, quantitative methods of research

Abstract: The present article presents the continuation of the study of two artifacts from the State Hermitage collection started by L.T. Giuzalyan in 1972. One of them is an engraving by Marco and Egidija Sadeler from the original of Roelandt Savery. The second is an “Oriental” (Iran or India) miniature executed in 1059/1649 by certain Ali-Kuli b. Muhammad. By means of the quantitative methods of research author shows that due to the change of proportionality between the miniature main elements the engraving by Marco and Egidija Sadeler is not a copy of the European original, but its alteration (remake).


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