E. Rezvan

St. Petersburg Kunstkamera On-Line Catalogues. I. “The Ethnographic Drawing”

 Abstract: St. Petersburg Kunstkamera keeps one of the most substantial collections of graphic materials in the world. As a result of the program of digitizing the Museum collections, there was created the on-line catalogue “The Ethnographic Drawing” which presents 834 images of graphic and pictorial works connected with material and spiritual culture of the peoples of Central and Southeast Asia, Siberia, the European part of Russia etc. The article contains a brief overview of the most remarkable watercolors and drawings of the catalogue, along with some information about their authors.

 Key words: Saint-Petersburg Kunstkamera, MAE RAS, The Ethnographic Drawing, Peter the Great, A. Pomerantsev, A. Stankevich, A. Voronina-Urkina, D. Yuferov, V. Sharavin, G. Choros-Gurkin


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