A. Al-Salimi

An Exaggeration of Quran by the Baghdadi Mutazilte: Studying Abu Tahir al-Turaythithi

 Abstract: The objective of this paper is to shed the light to the series of manuscripts of the treatise al‑Mutashabih fi al‑Qur’an (Ambiguous [ayat] in the Qur’an) by Abu Tahir al-Turaythithi, Mu'tazilte scholar of Baghdad. The problem discussed is the exaggeration of the Qur’an which was the point of sharp theological debates. We know comparatively well the Mu'tazilte works produced in Basra while the work by Abu Tahir al-Turaythithi reflects comprehensively the school of Baghdad. The journey of the treatise through the Muslim world as presented by its manuscripts started from Central Asia, they appeared in Yemen and Oman and finally in one of the European libraries.

 Key words: Abu Tahir al-Turaythithi, the exaggeration of the Qur’an, Mu'tazilte scholars of Baghdad


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