A. Erkinov

Fabrication of Legitimation in the Khoqand Khanate under the Reign of ‘Umar-khan (1225—1237 / 1810—1822): Palace Manuscript of "Bakhtiyar-nama" Daqayiqi Samarqandi as a Source for the Legend of Altun Bishik

Key words: Khoqand Khanate, ‘Umar‑khan, Babur, Altun Bishik, Daqayiqi Marwazi‑Samarqandi, Bakhtiyar‑nama, Mushrif Isfaragi, “Shah‑nama‑yi ‘Umar‑khani, legitimation, amir al‑muslimin


Abstract: Khoqand Khanate (1709 — 1876) becomes the independent state at ‘Umar khan`s (1810—1822) reign. In this situation legitimation was fabricated — the legend about Altun Bishik (“The Golden Cradle”) allegedly left in golden cradle the son of Babur from which there was created the dynasty of Kokand khans. The legend is given in the court historical work Mushrif Isfaragi “Shah‑nama‑yi ‘Umar‑khani” (“‘Umar‑khān's King's Book”). On my supervision a legend about Altun Bishik was created on the basis of the general plot of the work “Bakhtiyar‑nama” (“[The Book About] Bakhtiyar”) of Daqayiqi Marwazi‑Samarqandi (2th—13th c.). There is a manuscript of the given work with the personal seal of ‘Umar khan.


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